Finally, The Healing of America

Finally The Healing of America Today, perhaps, as never before in the history of the United States Republican Union of American, it seems that called white and black lives, “the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners” whom *GOD, created them equal as inseparably conjoined together as paternal twins. Key Note: […]

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The 740,000
Innocent, Young, White boys & Men
Northern Union & Southern Confederacy
"Suffered, Bled and Died, To Free The Chattel Slaves,
Because Their Perished Lives Made Black Lives Matter"
“They gave the last full measure of devotion”
Abraham Lincoln – Gettysburg Address
Such Is The Moral High Ground of the Union of the United States of America
Let Not Their Sacrifice Be In Vain
“…that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain”
Abraham Lincoln – Gettysburg Address

The Many Causes of Everybody

We the People of the United States of America


740,000, innocent, young, white boys “gave the last full measure of devotion".


The Many Worthy Causes of Everybody Within This Imperfect Union

This imperfect republican government of, by, for We the People citizens of the United States Union are constantly bombarded with a plethora of worthy causes demanding our immediate attention for funds, legislation, notoriety, etc.,

Scrambling hard to that attention are causes ranging from the big, politically popular and social items, to those about minorities, including those of racial (skin color-physical features-characteristics), ethnic, sexual, physical & mental health, matters, etc, even animal and other environmental issues.

Understandably, in the mad scrambling that becomes profitable, charitable business, they sincerely believe that theirs is top priority!

As deserving as they might be, none can, nor should be equated with “that cause” for which they, the 740,000, innocent, young, white boys, i.e., “white citizens”, and 38,000 escaped chattel slaves and Freemen, i.e., black lives, who “gave the last full measure of devotion”, upon which the destiny of the Union is dependant.

To equate any other causes to that of these 740,000, is shamefully immoral as it belittles and mocks their sacred sacrifice and memory.

While the other causes struggle with vexing imperfections of society and government, none of them poses the kind of threat to national security as does the ever present, hypocritical, and bloody argument that this “housed divided against itself” has been and is having with itself since 1776.

Yet, if “that cause” of the 740,000 is lost, all others are also. If “that cause” succeeds, so will the others as they are dependent upon it.

In other words, Indeed, all lives do matter, but having their dependency upon that of black lives as demonstrated by the boys and men, their families and all the peoples of the Civil War generation, the greatest of the great US generations.

Therefore, “that cause” of 740,000 who perished over the issues of black lives held in chattel slavery, “that the nation might live”, reigns supreme, even holy above all causes, and must accordingly, be dealt with first.

“The Last Full Measure”

The US Civil War

The Civil War between the Republican party northern and Democratic southern states of the Union, born on July 2-4,1776, was and remains the most deadly in US history.

That nightmare conflict in this “house” caused the deaths of circa 740,000, young, innocent white boys and men (white lives), including 38,000 escaped chattel slaves and freemen (black lives). More combatants perished in “that cause” than all other US military conflicts combined.

What in 1861 seemed to be a conflict of political ideals and interests between states rights verse federal oversight, in 1863 morphed into a war to free chattel slaves, and end the inherited, peculiar, British institution of chattel slavery in the United States!

Though there has been some denial that the Civil War wasn’t/isn’t over the nation’s black lives, but rather a spat over states and federal rights of the Union, the fact remains that it indeed was so, and We the People today conjointly continue to suffer from its generational aftermath.

Abraham Lincoln noted this fact,

One-eighth of the whole population were colored slaves (black lives), not distributed generally over the Union, but localized in the southern part of it. These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war.” (italics, bold, underlines mine)

Given the increasing “racial unrest”, the generational matter of black lives and race has not yet been resolved. In fact, the fate of the Union ever depends on it, and the outcome of those innocents who suffered and perished in the Civil War because of it, is yet to be determined. Read more

Black Lives Matter Prelude

The phenomenon of the media-press driven “Black Lives Matter” is a confusing mantra (word only, no solution) movement of a tiny minority of black lives and those of insecure, guilt-ridden, and frightened white lives.

Misguidedly, these white lives hypocritically support a class of black lives that are primarily responsible for the murder of black lives in domicidal, war-like statistics, as well as other related crimes of violence, theft, robberies, and street gang intimidation, primarily, in urban centers, such as Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Memphis, etc.,

It is historical fact, that during the post Civil War, Black Codes-Jim Crow era (1865-1964), on regular basis, that the new 14th Amendment US citizens by birthright, freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, colored peoples, Negroes-blacks, and their descendant children throughout the succeeding generations have suffered and peacefully endured malicious, violent, property damaging, murdering attacks from certain white racist.

Even though generally, these black lives were not accused or suspected of crimes or infractions, white lives law enforcement officials would routinely and maliciously attack them with government and public sanction.

Making matters worse, these crimes against humanity which were primarily committed by law enforcement personnel, or at least with their acquiescence, came with very few arrests, prosecutions, guilty verdicts and/or punishments of the perpetrators.

Of course, justifiable or not, such a history of unwarranted abuses has left in their aftermath, a dark, ominous and generational pall of paranoia hanging over the country, whereby certain black lives naturally and understandably tend to particularly not trust law enforcement, i.e., police officers, judicial/correctional, as well as other governmental officials (political/appointed); and whites lives in general.

Since those ugly times in US history, that is, post 1964 Civil Rights Act, those abuses have long since been overcome.

Whereas, in each case that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is raging about, with certain elements being allowed by leadership to call for the murder of police officers and white lives, ranging from New York City, Fergusson, Cleveland, Baltimore, etc., has their genesis in authority-resistant, neighborhood, thug thuggishness.

In fact, unlike the thousands of cases during the 99 year Black Code-Jim Crowism era, these could have been easily avoided simply by the obeying designated public authorities, and parental, community leaders oversight.

Scientific research reveals that in the last 35 years, post Jim Crow era, and the rise of “black power”, that is, governmentally (elected-appointed), even in law enforcement and military; economically, entertainment such as; sports, radio, music, television, film, celebrity, etc., circa 324,000, young, innocent, black lives have been murdered by fellow black lives…not by police, nor white lives.

Such murder of black lives did not occur even during the brutal, 246 years of generations-destroying chattel slavery, and another 99 more of racially discriminating legislation, yet, there continues the hypocritical shouts of “Black Lives Matter” at white lives. Read more

White Lives Honored

Due to the curse of political correctness, the hypocritical mantra of “Black Lives Matter” is so pervasive that expressed concern for white lives or all lives, including those of police officers, white or black (particularly white), whom are wounded or killed in the line of duty, is considered insensitive and racist.

In fact, there are ugly chants amongst the BLM movements calling for the murder of police officers, such as, “Pigs in a blanket, let’s fry bacon” and “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!”

While not exonerating the bad behavior of certain whites lives towards black lives, whether in the form of commission or omission, it is only just and correct, to finally acknowledge the noble good that they have done as well.

From the beginning of this country, including the British-American colonies revolutionized into the United States in 1776, it has been white lives which have far exceeded the number of black lives who have struggled and continue to do so for the freedom and Civil Rights in the matters of their existence.

In fact, its was certain white lives who liberated black lives out of chattel slavery operated by other certain white lives, and whom followed that liberation with the enactments of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Constitutional Amendments

However, over the decades and generations, particularly during the 1950’s and 60’s, black lives have understandably, and rightly protested against the white lives-dominated, federal and state governments lack of inability or perhaps, will to enforce them, as Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. says,

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

"All we say to America is, "Be true to what you said on paper."

However, for the sake of further healing and reconciliation, particularly in light of the 2008-2009, official [Congressional Apology Resolution – link this], there must finally, come a day when black lives openly demonstrate to GOD and the world our deep appreciation of white lives noble deeds of reconciliation towards them that have been made.

Of course, there are many remaining imperfections in our republican Union, but for a long overdue, necessary, radical healing-change, black lives must now focus on that which white lives have done right and are doing correctly.

It’s time for black lives to say “Thank you” to white lives. Read more

Official Congressional Apology Resolution
Part II of the Emancipation Proclamation

Finally, after 145 years since the end of the US Civil War (1865) of black lives leaders demanding, but not expecting if, the US Congress legislated an official apology for its role in the 246 years, British Empire inherited, peculiar institution of chattel slavery; and the 99 years of Black Code-Jim Crowism, i.e., racially discriminating legislation.

On June 26, 2008, the House of Representatives, followed by the Senate, February 3, 2009, issued this historical, unprecedented, demanded and longed for acknowledgment and apology, which has always been a major point of contention since the end of chattel slavery.

Over the generations since the end of chattel slavery in 1865, despite all the attempts to rectify the damages of the past by individuals, private groups and corporations, with some even making reparations, there has been the haunting sentiment of, Yeah, but the “white man’s” federal government has never officially acknowledged, nor apologized for its generational devastations of genocidal attacks against black lives.

Authored by Congressman Steve Cohen of Kentucky, who happens to be an Ashkanazi-Caucasian, white lives Jew of European descent, the document admonishes, that while acknowledgement and apology is the great, first step towards reconciliation, certain measures of societal, judicial/correctional and economic justice must yet take become an experiential reality.

Of course, there are some white lives, for various reasons state that today’s generation does not owe such gesture to black lives, as chattel slavery was 145 years ago, and the Civil Rights of 1964 was enacted, and national holiday was granted in honor of Dr. King, Jr., etc., nevertheless, on their behalf, before GOD and the world, Congress, as their official, government representative, did it for them.

Just the same, there are certain black lives who refuses the Apology, even on two levels, they being;

A. the resolution does not mention reparations and doesn’t go far enough;

B. they aren’t going to and can’t forgive white lives anyway, because so much irreparable damage has been done by them to black lives.

Nevertheless, there are more both white and black lives who do accept each others sentiments and gestures for reconciliation, that GOD will hear our prayers and heal our land.

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The Proclamation of Forgiveness Prelude

The Proclamation of Forgiveness is a response to the 2008-2009 Congressional Apology For Slavery and Jim Crowism Resolution to be issued by “the sons of former slaves to the sons of former slave owners”, i.e., black and white lives.

Our self-professed, Judaic-Christian, “one nation under GOD” is vexed with a domicidal, harshness towards each other, even with intolerance for those who are repentantly admitting their mistakes, wrongs, sins, and apologizing for them with intention of taking reconciliatory action.

While demanding love, tolerance and even “a pass” for our wrong doings by blaming circumstances and others, we black lives are hypocritically judgmental as well as unforgiving in the name of seeking earthly and divine justice.

GOD, Who is the Central Figure in/of the Declaration of Independence, is apparently vexing We the People, both white and black, with nation-threatening issues that have their roots in the continual, unfinished, matters of chattel slavery as witnessed by the Civil War.

In this society which professes our love for Jesus-Yeshuah Christ, who from GOD, demands apologies for trespassing offenses and forgiveness towards those who trespass against us, especially if request it, as does the Congressional Apology, it is imperative that we obey his instructions.

This first precept of salvation determines the fate of our country, as GOD will or will not forgive our trespasses against HIM accordingly, nor will HE bless us out of ours woes into personal, societal, national, and civilizational prosperity.

If fully applied with the Proclamation of Forgiveness, the Apology Resolution offers the most unprecedented “game changing” opportunity for healing in the matter of black and whites lives in the history of the Union.

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Our Conjoined Responsibility

Created equal by Nature’s GOD, we human beings are innately flawed, yet naturally social with a strange mixture of, “love and hate” towards each other as we have the tendency to demand inalienable rights for ourselves, while denying them to others, as demonstrated by the founding fathers, most of whom signed the Declaration of Independence, were chattel slave owners.

Such human selfishness, is the source of warfare amongst us, while believing in such lofty principles ascribed to the Declaration, we tend to practice “your freedom ends where mine’s begins”.

In the matter of black and white lives, honest discussion reveals that responsibility and culpability is a dual proposition.

The demands for honest racial conversation seems to be an insane, one sided diatribe of blacks lives lecturing white lives to acknowledge and apologize for their racism, and change, leading to the conclusion of failure.

“Now is the time” that black lives begin embrace their own roles in the matter, if any.

In fact, certain black lives already practicing the African continents’ ancient slave trade subsequently traded their human cargo into the Transatlantic. 

Had there not been the African, the transatlantic trade, and chattel slavery would have never occurred.

If this evidence for mutual responsibility in the racial matter of the black-white, conjoined twin is rejected, what is acceptable and will resolve it?

What has been practiced since 1776, of solely blaming white lives for the condition of black lives, has not and never will work.

 “Now time” to view the matter from another, yet untried approach. See more…

The MLK Table of Brotherhood

"I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia,
the sons of slaves and the sons of former slave owners
will sit together at the table of brotherhood."
MLK Aug. 28,1963

While neither of We the People, of the conjoined, paternal twin “sons of former slaves and former slave owners” are not guilty of the present conditions and situations of racial unrest in this
Union of the United States of America, nonetheless, together, we do have a role of RESONSIBLITY to mutually rectify it.

Both sons of the republic, whom profess belief in Jesus-Yeshuah Christ, the only Monarch to Whom we Americans bow, or respect, must approach the MLK Table with a predisposed attitude-spirit of not "pointing the finger" of accusation, but rather confessing our own faults to one another, followed by forgiveness, mutual prayers for and earnest, cooperative efforts to be reconciled with each other and subsequently GOD. Such is the humble behavior and character that HE desires of us all for salvation.

“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if you forgive not others of their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”


“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.”

[James 5:16]

We were not there when our respective ancestors jointly, equally, [ participated in capturing, Enslaving, selling and purchasing fellow children    GOD, primarily from western and central Africa as slaves and then shipping them to Europe, but mostly to the Americas'.

No we of today didn’t cause, initiate n or participate in the slave trades, but rather were born into and inherited the gruesome matter from our mutually respective ancestors and fore parents.

Nonetheless, as their descendent children, we are responsible to rectify it for the sake of our respective, succeeding generations.

Those circa 740,000 young, innocent white boys and men, and the 38,000 escaped chattel slaves and Freemen in the US Civil War between 1861 and 1865 to end chattel slavery, “who gave their lives that the nation might live”, were and are innocents.

Yet, 89 years after the fact, it was required of these innocent boys and men to shoulder the responsibility left to them to pay with their lives the dysfunction and imperfection of the Union left to them in 1776.

These Americans had nothing to do with slavery, yet, it was divinely requited of them to suffer for it.

The greatest and most nation-threatening imperfection of the new born Union was obviously chattel slavery and its generational aftermath.

In order to fulfill the demands of the Declaration of Independence of holding "...these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights", etc, and eradicate the hypocritical stain on it, was, and is to be carried out in two phases, they being;

I. Ending the peculiar institution inherited from the British Empire in 1776 -

II. Ensuring the freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, colored peoples, Negroes-black lives, an experiential, US citizenship “as enjoyed by white citizens” See White Citizens (the url

However, while Phase I was accomplished 150 years ago, Phase II remains to be completed as evidenced by the present, increasing turmoil of so called racial unrest and the continued cry of "Black Lives Matter".

Therefore, on November 19,1863 at the Gettysburg battlefield solemn ceremony to dedicate "a portion of that field as a final resting place to those who here gave their lives that the nation might live", President Abraham Lincoln clearly admonished that it is "for us the living to be dedicated the unfinished work...the great task remaining before that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion..."

In fact, the Presidents' admonition becomes a dire warning that should We the People fail to complete the work of "these honored dead", that this "nation under GOD" will not have a "new birth of freedom", and subsequently this republican form of government, shall "perish from the earth", because they would "have died in vain"

Henceforth, the responsibility for the fate-destiny of the nation now lay in the hands of this exciting generation of the mutually conjoined, paternal twins, We the People, "sons of former slaves and sons of former slave owners", and the outcome of the sacrifice of the 740,000 primarily white lives, is yet to be decided as a worthy cause or one that is vain, null and void.

These innocent boys and men died that we may live to finish their work "thus far so nobly advanced" according the founding fathers' dream that a future posterity will to accomplish that which they admittedly couldn't and wouldn't, that is "to form a more perfect Union” by the healing of its inherited chattel slavery-race wound our collective and generational soul.

It is now up to us whom are being seated at the Table of Brotherhood to actualize that great original and only American Dream.

 Conjoined Responsibility