White Lives Honored Part II

White Lives Honored
“give hono
r to whom honor is due” [Romans 13:7]

The Greatest of All Legacies
Except for the continuing Gospel story of Jesus-Yeshuah Christ, perhaps, the greatest  legacy  of all human history is that in which American, immigrant heritage, white-Caucasian, Anglo-European, English speaking, US citizens waged a military conflict against each over the freedom of peoples of another race, i.e., white lives perishing that black lives matter.

United States of America, “white citizens” (a Constitutional term) must no longer be ashamed of their race or color, but rather take solice in the fact that, 1.) they did not choose to be their skin color, as Creator chose them for HIS very special, exceptional purpose as a witness of HIS existence; 2.) they have done what no other peoples, regardless of race or skin color, in all world history has done for another via their noble cause of freedom for those in chattel slavery.

The Judaic-Christian world, more than others, understand and have done what is Jesus-Yeshuah says in that, “Greater has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”. Such is the matter oft the US Civil War to end chattel slavery.

In this, once-again, time in the lives of We the People and calls for deeper and honest dialogue on race relations, as a true gesture of peace and healing, chattel slave descendants and Jim Crow survivors, i.e., black lives must finally acknowledge and honor USA, “white citizens” for their efforts.

Fathers of the Civil Rights Legacy
It has been the accepted narrative that the Civil Rights Legacy belongs exclusively to black lives whom are the descendants of chattel slavery and Jim Crowism, and that white lives have been the resisters of it, which has been a main cause of racial confusion in the nation.

Actually, research reveals that black lives have significantly participated in the struggle to save the Union by enforcong Civil Rights to them, they have been are the intended beneficiaries of the legacy, whereas, while certain white lives have been the resisers of Civil Rights, shockingly, others are the owners of it.

In fact, Black lives mattered and matters so much to white lives, that the latter demonstrated their concern and loyalty to justice forall by the following actions;

White lives were the anti-slavery abolitionist; created and operated the “underground railroad”; and circa 740,000 gave their lives for black lives in the US Civil War to liberate and free black lives from chattel slavery; enacted the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and anti-KKK legislation, which became the basis for the Civil Rights movements and legacies, etc.

Of course, black lives participated in each of the processess of freedom for themselves, however, naturally, it was and remains the fact, that the movements were originated, orchestrated and maintained by patriot white lives correctly carrying out the charge to them as We the People to “form a more perfect Union”.

The struggled to ensure, and continue to do so, that US black citizens, experience a citizenship of civility “as is enjoyed y white citizens” according to the Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights, the Progenitor and “Rosetta Stone” (interpreter) of the 14th Amendment which specifically grants citizenship to the freed, chattel slaves and their descendant children.

Therefore, white citizens – white lives as whole are in the fathers, originators, fathers, and hence, owners of the Civil Rights legacy, while black lives are the beneficiaries.

Protecting Black Lives From Criminal Elements
In fact, if it were not for police officers patrolling our neigbhordoods and communities, most of whom are white lives, no telling how vast the numbers would be.

Whatever they are, they would far dwarfing current statistics of murders and other related crimes such as: gunshot wounds; beatings; thefts; acts of intimidation by street thug gangs, etc.

Volunteer and Donate Financially
The overwhelming support in volunteerism, funding and other in-kind resources into the charity-social works of black lives in their communities and neighborhoods, with a disproportionate number being Askhnazi-Jewish, are white lives, and not black, nor Muslim.

Have Transformed In Racial Views
In the matter of racial transformation for the better, since the mid-60’s white lives have changed far more than those of blacks, which has generally remained static, even continuing to blame the former as cause of their continuing woes and domicidal behavior.  “The white man (devil) made me do it” syndrome.

In fact, the primary point of contention has been that while the proverbial, white man has indeed made valiant attempts to assuage the damages caused by 246 years of government sanctioned or legislated, generations-destroying, chattel slavery and the combined 99 years of Black Codes and Jim Crowism, black men have charged that he has never officially by law acknowledged, nor apologized for it.

They correctly assessed that such an acknowledgement would have a dramatically posi tive effect upon the pyshie and emotions of black lives.

Then suddenly, after 145 years of demands for it, on June 26, 2008, the House of Representatives, followed by the Senate on February 3, 2009, a transformed Congress legislated by resolution, that longed for official statement of acknowledgement and apology.  See Apology Resolution

Admitting that such statment of facts are not enough, but indeed a first step beginning, the legislation calls for measures of rectifying measures of reconciliation, it was deliberately rejected by the African-Amercian, Civil Rights leaderships, from the religious clergy, to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), to social non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) such as the NAACP, etc. 

Instead of working with a repentant We the People via the resolution, the African-American leadership for various reason elected to minimize it and keep it a secret from black and white lives who mutually desires reconciliation, opting instead to maintain the comfortable and profitable diatribe of accusation against the “white man”. 

Therefore, as peoples, black lives have remained stubbornly and stupidly implacable in racial transformation, leading to further demise ourselves.

To Acknowledge and Honor Them
Since our liberation from chattel slavery 150 years ago by the Unions’ victorious end of the Civil War, black lives have legitimately and consistently protested against the  obvious wrongs of certain white lives, but never have taken the opportunity to show gratefullness for the good they have done.  

GOD willing, someday, the freed, chattel slave descendants and Jim Crow survivors will conduct great gestures (vigils, marches, rallies, advertisments, etc.) of appreciation of white lives for their beautiful legacy of a freedom that was and is absent in Africa, and other so called “peoples of color” nations.

Note: While without controversy, the Transatlantic Slave Trade and all came with it was an evil-sinful business conducted by Spanish-Portuguese, Anglo-European Christians and Jews, ideals of divinely given human rights, such as freedoms of speech (even thought), travel, and other expressions was prohibited in the monarchial structures of Africa from whence they were purchased.

Nevertheless, via the sufferings of our ancestors, thankfully to them, black lives today do know of such freedoms and correctly demands them for ourselves as well as others.  

Hence, out of respect for our ancestors horrific trials who embraced these non-African ideals of divine rights of every human being, it is time that black lives finally acknowledge such truth that GOD may free us indeed.   

To continue our diatribe and one-way lecture at whites, serves only to further increase and agitate an already unhealed, infected, disease ridden wound to our respective, conjoined, national, collective and generational soul, leading to the final destruction of the Union of the United States.

As black lives have correctly chided with white lives for their wrongs, we now must also honor them for what they have done right. 
                                                     “give honor to whom honor is due” [Romans 13:7]

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